Large, modern, secure facility

L&M Distribution offers pick, pack and fulfillment services from our large modern facility in the Chicago area. The building is sprinkler, burglar and fire alarm protected with temperature-controlled space available.



Our efficient order picking methods ensure that we can quickly find your product in our facility and keep tabs on inventory.


We verify every single item that goes into the box to be sure the order that gets shipped is exactly what your customer requested.


We carefully package each order to help minimize shipping cost, while protecting products.


We ship orders using UPS, USPS, and FedEx – your choice. We can even use your account number.

Transportation Optimization & Analysis

Trust us to help you optimize your small package, TL, and LTL transportation needs.

Freight Bill Auditing

We can review your freight bills for errors, for all modes of transit. We handle processing of reimbursements requests on your behalf.

Package Tracking Analysis

We help you analyze package delivery to ensure your deliveries arrive on schedule. We request reimbursements on your behalf for missed shipping estimates.

"A customer delighted by your product will buy once,
a customer delighted by your service will tell their friends."

We're just the right size for your business.

Some fulfillment companies brag about their zillions of feet of square footage and dozens of locations here and abroad. Those things sound great, but you'll find they are often not the best fit for your business.

Flexible Carriers

We ship orders using UPS, USPS, and FedEx – your choice. We can even use your account number.

Awesome Support

Our friendly customer service team is always equipped to handle any issues that arise.

Global Reach

We routinely ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and more.

Expertise to handle your products.

We have years of expertise in healthcare products like over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications, durable medical goods (DME), and vitamins and nutritional supplements. We also fulfill apparel, health & beauty products and supplies, parts, tools, electronics, and more. Our friendly and reliable team is well-trained to quickly and accurately pick, pack, verify, and ship your orders, and are empowered to handle any issues that arise along the way.

Beware the perils of multiple warehouses.

Yes, some of our competitors can bring your product into their warehouses sprinkled around the globe. What does that mean for your business?

The hope is that having more warehouses can mean that your products can get into your customers hands more quickly, with lower shipping costs. The realities are a bit different.

For all but the largest online retail businesses, more warehouses mean more worry, frustration, and work for you, and less flexibility with your cash on hand.

  • With multiple warehouses come the chore of keeping all those warehouses stocked with product.
  • Inventory sitting in multiple warehouses means that you have more capital tied up in inventory.
  • Multiple warehouses bring more complex shipping logic that you'll need to build into your shopping software.
  • Warehouses distributed across multiple states bring the potential for expanded sales tax nexus across those states, leading to headaches complying with a myriad of complex state sales tax laws.
  • Having your products in physical warehouses in multiple states increases your exposure to state and federal-level regulatory bodies that oversee the transport and sale of a growing number of products.

We help you grow without adding worries.

You've grown your business to the point where shipping products from your garage or basement on your nights and weekends is just not cutting it anymore. Let us handle your order fulfillment, while you concentrate on bringing more customers to the table.

Fast order processing, fewer mistakes.

The realities for small and medium-sized businesses are that there are more businesses competing for fewer customers. We can help you delight your customers by quickly and accurately getting their order from the shopping cart to their door.

Transparency & Accountability

Our easy-to-use customer portal gives you complete access to all of your transactions, product inventory, and order history with us. We give you a comprehensive, real-time look at how we're doing.

Shopify and BigCommerce Support

If you are already a customer of Shopify or BigCommerce, good news! Our software supports easy integration with Shopify and BigCommerce shopping cart software. The setup takes less than five minutes.

Easy integration with our API

You can integrate our warehouse capabilities into your custom ecommerce software using our simple and robust REST API. Please contact us for documentation and more informaton on how to get started with our API.

Your customers deserve the best.

We're just the right size to fill your order the same day we receive it,
yet small enough to remember your name when you call.

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